Monday, 16 November 2009

I feel I should also mention my weekend. I went to visit my sister Christel in London for her housemates 21st, the theme was GLAM ROCK. As you can imagine this involved lots of sequins, glitter and lamé. I wouldn't be surprised if I start coughing up glitter spray. It was a great night and photos are sure to come soon.
Also the next day, I consumed my own body weight in battered food. We went to a Harvester and foolishly thought we could tackle a fried platter before our main course, this was before we realised the salad bar was free, a rookie mistake, after becoming full on onion rings and potato salad...the main courses arrived, ahah, mine being a rack of ribs, a quarter of a spitroast chicken and chips! We then, practically gagging, went to the horniman museum. Rachel, meeting us from a run, was wearing shorts, running shoes a tshirt and my sisters jazzy cardi with a harvester balloon tied to her wrist, managed to have a quick nap in the aquarium while we looked at the jellyfish, even the kids thought she was a nutter. Fun times...and I even managed to squeeze a curry in for dinner.

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